When it comes to finding the best vegan gourmet chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth, the endeavour could seem more like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Although for each piece of melt in your mouth deliciousness there’s a box of bitter, dairy free chocolate, you do have plenty of options to choose from.

No matter whether you’re lactose intolerant or a vegan, you no longer have to limit yourself to dark chocolates. There are varieties of dairy free gourmet chocolates online that are made using plant based milk to get a full flavoured, creamy texture – these taste similar to the “real stuff!”

Of course, texture and flavour isn’t the only thing you need to consider while choosing the best vegan chocolates – ethics and ingredients are equally important. Moreover, you need to ensure there aren’t any animal products in the final outcome (honey, for instance) and that the cocoa beans are sourced from organic farms. And if you feel like cooking yourself some sweet treats, then you can look up a delicious Gluten And Dairy Free Mocha Brownies Recipe (or whichever you want, really), source the ingredients, and whip up a delicious dessert! If not, then the chocolates can always be a go-to.

Taking all of the above into consideration, below we’ve put together 6 different types of vegan sweet treats that are perfect for the chocoholic in you.

Let’s devour in the delicious vegan chocolates!

1. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Slabs

One of the most luxurious chocolates, these lip-smacking goodies are made using organic, rich dark chocolate and hand roasted hazelnuts.

Not only is this combination simply irresistible, but the toasted hazelnuts coated in scrumptious and flavoursome dark chocolate takes this vegan chocolate to another level – think of eating toasted nuts by the fire!

An excellent vegan option available at Melt Chocolates, the rich and satisfying experience offered by this sweet treat is hard to say no to.

2. 71% Dark Chocolate Avocado Bar

Would you like to have a vegan avocado chocolate?

Yes, we know that this combination sounds way too millennial; but there is a specific reason why this famous toast topper is used to make vegan chocolates.

Avocado when paired with organic cacao powder gives you this velvety and silky chocolate bar without having to add any dairy products – thanks to the oils and creamy texture offered by this fruit. While it might be slightly grainy as compared to other vegan sweet treats, this chocolate absolutely makes for the perfect gift not just for a vegan but also for someone who’s on a diet!

3. Champagne Spiked Chocolate Truffles

Organic, vegan friendly and gluten free, these chocolate truffles made using champagne and cocoa are truly rich and decadent in taste.

These boozy little bites are more like a strong hit of alcohol wrapped in small chocolates squares, perfect for every occasion. Be it as a post dinner treat or a ‘thank you’ gift, you can never go wrong with these small chocolate bites. What’s more, they’re perfect for both vegan chocolate and alcohol lovers!

4. Vegan Friendly Chocolate Box

Yet another vegan friendly collection, these chocolate bites are too pretty to gorge on.

Exquisitely decorated with splatters, flecks and swirls, once you cave for these sweet treats, believe us, you’ll keep going back for more until there’s nothing left to eat. The best part about these vegan chocolates is that they’re prepared in small batches and their flavours are frequently updated.

Since these are handcrafted to perfection, you can never really say that they are vegan, apart from the only fact that their flavours are extremely precise and clean.

5. Vegan Mini Chocolate Bars

This assortment of mini chocolate bars is an exceptional way to discover various vegan flavours.

By indulging in these chocolate bars, you get to taste flavours like 70% Maldon sea salt, 100% bitter Bolivia dark chocolate and 68% wild bar made using cocoa trees that are grown in the Amazon rainforest. The collection also has a superfood bar which is made using a healthy combination of quinoa and bittersweet blackcurrants.

When it comes to these mini vegan chocolate bars, it’s not just about their ingredients being organic; the packaging they’re available in, is also eco-friendly!

6. Salted Caramel Vegan Chocolate

This vegan chocolate is best amongst all of them because it’s produced using just 3 organic ingredients – coconut sugar, raw cacao powder and cacao butter.

Additionally, it’s free of refined sugar, soya, dairy and gluten – the flavour is certainly not compromised. When you bite into its outer layer (made of 70% dark chocolate), you’re sure to unearth a gooey salted caramel filling!

Best Vegan Chocolates – The Final Verdict!

While these were our top 6 vegan chocolates, there are more such sweet treats available online.

You could either purchase these for yourself or use them as gourmet chocolate gifts and give it to your vegan friends and family – these surely make for an incredible gift!