Transport costs account for a large percentage of a traveler’s budget, and this not only includes flight charges to the location but also transport around the area.  However, there are many ways of moving from one place to another without spending a lot of money. For example, did you know that hiring a private jet from a site such as Jettly and similar companies could actually save you money in the long run? Crazy I know! Below are tips that will help you save on vacation transportation and spend more on visiting various sites.

1. Use a Train

In most places, traveling via train is less costly, enjoyable, and convenient. Especially if you are traveling as a family, the train can be exciting and magical for children. Children under particular ages are also exempted from paying fares when using subways to move across popular towns in Europe.

For example, in Switzerland, train companies such as SBB offer free transport to children below 15 years when traveling with an adult. Free local bus transportation and museum entries are also offered to pass holders in some locations. If you intend to visit Put-in-Bay or other places in the United States, you can find affordable flights instead of trains.

2. Use a Bicycle

You can either hire or borrow a bicycle from a friend to ease your movement. In cities such as Amsterdam, bikes are a powerful means of transport. They provide a leisurely and lovely way of touring your destination. Moreover, besides being a cheap way of movement, it exercises your legs too. If you don’t want a bike and you’re visiting Put-in-Bay or any other travel destination where you can access golf carts, you can rent a golf cart to get around in the areas.

3. Walk

Walking is free, and it can get you further stress and hassle-free. Especially in major cities of the world, walking is better than driving because it’s not affected by traffic. You can get a walking app from your iOS Appstore or Android’s play store for direction. Ensure you carry waking shoes.

4. Share the Ride

Taxi services such as Uberpool offer their customers the option of being driven along with other passengers, which reduces the amount you would pay when alone. Moreover, interacting with the locals as you ride from one area to another is an added advantage. They can help you find fascinating sites that you might not have known.

5. Price Comparison

You don’t have to stand in a pickup station for 10 minutes or use various applications to compare prices. Applications such as RideGuru can help you compare prices of taxi and rideshare services in a minute.

6. Avoid Moving to Far Places Daily

This tip is brilliant and very simple. Plan your visit such that you will not need to move too far daily as that is costly. To do that, you need to ensure your hotel is situated in a central location then plan your itinerary around that area. This is less costly than moving from one place to another on your vacation.


Arriving at your travel destination doesn’t mean transportation costs are over. When you hire a taxi, take a bus, rent a car, etc. you are adding to transportation costs, and often such costs are overlooked. However, you do not have to stretch your budget when on vacation, and that is why this article gives you tips that can save you money on vacation transport.