On a beautiful Spring or Summer day, you want nothing more than to spend time outside with family and friends, enjoying your yard and the gorgeous weather. The mood and festivities can be dampened, however, by your home’s lack-luster exterior.

Whether the outdoors has never been your forte, or you fell behind with exterior home maintenance during the colder months, here are a few tips for how to improve your exterior space, so it is always welcoming for a casual gathering with friends or a simple impromptu dinner.

  • Begin a Garden – It Doesn’t Have to be a Big One!

A lot of people love to suggest gardening as a hobby, and for good reasons — it gets you outside, helps you teach your kids about responsibility and the science of plant life, brightens up your yard, and attracts local wildlife.

Gardens do not have to be a big undertaking, or take up an entire plot of space in your yard. Sometimes all you need to do is start small — on your next errand run, stop in at the local hardware store. They will provide you with safe flower seeds and you can request low-maintenance species based on your area. Dig some holes, drop some seedlings in, add some water, and watch color bloom before your eyes, turning those brown and green patches of land into dazzling displays.

  • Go Tacky with Outdoor Decorations – It’s More Fun

Accessorizing your yard or patio can seem daunting — a lot of people are worried about their space looking tacky, or not as sleek and elegant as the photos in the magazines. “Tacky” decorations, however, can be the most fun thing you can add to your yard!

Whether you buy one pink flamingo, or ten, they are sure to brighten up your yard and add some color with a splash of personality. Exterior string lights can be large and colorful — ask the kids to help string a path of “fairy lights” around the outside of the home, and at night the beautiful colors will illuminate a walkway to enjoy as the sun sets.

Embrace the bright, colorful, large, and loud decorations you see at your local gardening store — it’ll bring more color and fun into your space, and will fit right in with your evening celebrations.

  • Add a Decorative Fence to Your Yard — You Can Install It Yourself!

Decorative fences are always a smart way to add some charm to your lawn. Whether you have several acres or a small space, a decorative fence adds a little bit of whimsical into your daily life and can serve secondary purposes like a space for the dog, sectioning away your new garden, creating a border around birdbaths, or just mark where your property lines or corners are.

The best thing about a decorative fence is you can build it your self. Often these fences are short, only two to three feet tall, and they don’t have to be long. You can order them in pre-made sections and paint them with the family, or screw some boards together that you bought from your local hardware store. Either way, a fence along the walkway is a great welcoming sight to guests when they come over. If you did want to go for something a little more complex that may need a professional to come in and sort it out, you can learn more about how someone like Carolina Home Specialists might be able to help you with a great fence.

  • Get Comfy with Some Great Patio Furniture

Patio furniture has come a long way from just a table and some chairs. Nowadays, there is an outdoor furniture set for every lifestlye, and it’s worth investing in to make your outdoor space welcoming, inviting, and more usable.

If you are a cuddly family with the pets and kids, buy a hammock stand and a large cloth hammock — easy to set up, and the whole family can pile in. If you enjoy your solitude and space more, they have single hanging chairs that are great for reading or for rocking the kids in. If everyone is more active and social, grab your self some cushioned benches with a fire pit — this will give you a place to relax after working out, and provides warmth well into the night so you don’t have to go inside.

  • Paint, or Replace, Your Home’s Siding

Once you have done everything you can in the yard, you may need to turn to the home its self. Painting your old and faded siding is something the entire family can pitch in on during a beautiful day, and enhancing the old color can make your home feel more rejuvenated. If you’re looking to give your home a fresh coat of paint, why not consider the services of professionals like Mt Hood Pro Painting to make sure the job is expertly done. It also saves you from the risks of attempting a large project such as this yourself.

If the siding is too worn, faded, or damaged, however, replacing the siding may be the best bet. Find an affordable siding installation company in your area and talk to them about your options. New siding can make your home feel entirely new, and gives you a chance to go for a complete make-over that’ll change the entire value of your home. Plus, new siding improves your interior climate control and can protect against harsh weather. This means that if you have an air conditioning unit installed by a HVAC expert like this one, it won’t cost as much to run and new doors will make it more powerful inside- a win-win!

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No matter how you decide to boost the exterior of your home, know that it can be done with only a few small tips and tricks. Whether working on a budget or going full out for a total home makeover, there are options for you and your family to enjoy the outside of your home as much as you do the interior. Grab some tools, and begin today!