We all want to make sure that our children learn as much as they can, most of this is focused on their academic needs. However, learning should never be limited to what they can find out at school. In fact, as parents it is down to us to teach them life skills too.

One of the most important things to teach our children is cooking. Not only does cookery help them to survive when they are older, but there are a number of other key developments that cookery can help them with too.

  1. It is a great boost to their confidence

 Knowing that they can cook is a great way to boost your child’s confidence. A confident child is one that is able to approach new experiences, and one that is much more likely to tackle challenges in school as well in their home life.

2) They learn maths skills

 You may not realise it, but when you are learning to cook, you are also learning about maths skills too. There are going to be weights and measurements that need to be worked out, which means that they are going to have to tot up on their fractions as well as working out things if you are not cooking to a full recipe.

3) It also helps their reading

 Not only can cooking help with maths skills, but it can also help with reading too. Children are going to need to be able to read through a recipe in order to follow it. Not only this, but there are plenty of tricky words that they need to be able to read through too.

4) They can develop their motor skills

 There are a lot of different techniques and processes when you are cooking. Whisking, chopping, stirring, folding and pouring are all things that they are going to need to be able to do. This means that they are likely to improve on a whole variety of motor skills including hand eye co-ordination, and in some recipes, their overall strength too.

5) It is some great bonding time

 Feel that you need to spend some more time with your little one? Stuck in on a rainy day? If this is true for you then perhaps you are going to want to organise a bit of a cooking session? Find out something that they would like to cook (and eat) and put aside some time to spend together.

Cooking is not only a great activity, but it is also great fun too. Ideal for parents and children alike, we love the fact that not only does it teach them a vital life skill, but it also has an impact on other aspects of their development too.

So, why not dig out the cookery book? Find something that you both want to create, and get into the kitchen. Just don’t forget the apron!