If you rely on coffee to function in the morning, then you likely have a morning routine. You brew the coffee, grab sugar cubes from the pantry, and grab creamer of half-and-half from the fridge, and then you head out the door for work. 

Especially if you’ve done this for years, you’re likely a bit tired of your traditional cup of joe. However, you don’t have time to make a fancy latte or stop at a coffee shop on your way into work. If you’re willing to think outside the box and experiment, there are plenty of unexpected ways you can jazz up your coffee with minimal effort.

When Monday morning comes, try one of these unusual coffee add ins for a unique and flavorful pick-me-up:


If you’ve ever had salt in your coffee, it was likely because you mistook the salt for sugar and then met an unwelcome surprise. However, if you add the right amount, salt can enhance the taste of bland coffee. So if your poor-quality instant coffee at your workplace or while travelling isn’t too your liking, add a pinch of salt to bolden the flavor.

Supposedly, the tradition of adding salt to coffee originated from the U.S. Navy. Because the coffee onboard the vessels tasted notoriously awful, sailors would add salt to mask the taste; this practice also helped restore the hard-working and sweating sailors’ electrolytes.

If you’re a little weary of adding plain old salt to your coffee, start with salted caramel to try out the sweet and salty combination. 


The idea of dropping a slab of butter into your coffee may sound nonconventional, but the trend has taken off in recent years. Most of those familiar with the mixture know it as Bulletproof Coffee—a concept developed by Dave Asprey.

Years ago, while hiking in Tibet, a local offered him a cup of yak-butter tea. Feeling rejuvenated, Asprey wondered how he could bring yak-butter beverages to the Western world. Fast forward to present day, and Bulletproof Coffee, Asprey’s coffee and grass-fed ghee recipe, has taken the health and wellness world by storm.

Many followers of the ketogenic diet drink this buttery coffee blend in the morning to help promote fat burning. Others say that Bulletproof Coffee gives them a noticeable boost of energy and even sharpens their mental clarity.

Egg Whites

In some Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, adding an egg to coffee is a common practice. This concoction, known as Swedish egg coffee, Hungarian coffee, or Scandinavian coffee, has an incredibly smooth consistency and a light, non-bitter taste. You can also find a similar drink in Vietnam called ca phe trung, which also includes sweetened condensed milk.

While combining coffee and eggs may sound strange to American coffee drinkers, don’t know it until you try it. Adding egg whites to coffee is a straightforward process and pacts protein into your morning drink.


This blend definitely isn’t for everyone, but many people who’ve tried it find it delicious and convenient. Maybe if you can imagine coffee-infused oatmeal as a tasty meal, then you can make the stretch to try oatmeal in your actual cup of coffee.

The idea is that the heat from the coffee will cook the oatmeal, making an all-in-one breakfast and morning coffee combo. To give it some extra flavor, you can add cinnamon or sugar to your mug. A lot of campers and backpackers like this mixture because it minimizes dishes, and you might just feel the same way as you rush to eat and get ready for work.

Coconut Oil

While many coffee drinkers have had coconut-flavored coffee, have you ever tried adding coconut oil to your homemade brew? You may think coconut oil belongs to beauty products, but it’s also a great ingredient to add flavor and texture to food and drinks.

Plus, coconut oil has numerous health benefits when consumed. If you are on a carb-free diet, want to kickstart your metabolism or boost your immune system, then stir a tablespoon of coconut oil into your regular coffee.

Spice Up Your Daily Grind There you have it! If you need your caffeine in the morning but want to add variety, give one of these unusual but delightful alternatives to sugar and cream a go.