Are you someone who tries to stay on top of their fitness levels, but always struggles to do so?  What you might need is a new health fad which helps guide you down the right path. Here are five such trends in the health sector which have worked wonders, and should be something you seriously consider this year.

  1. Amaranth Diet

Remember when everyone was raving about Quinoa? Amaranth seems to have taken its place as the grain of choice – with this Ancient Aztecan offering enjoying a second coming a few thousand years down the line.

In truth, it isn’t really a grain at all; but rather the fruit of a plant. Amaranth is said to have a peppery taste and is incredibly high in protein. This makes it a decent substitute for meat in most meals.

This particular miracle food works by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream. Hunger levels are reduced as a result, while insulin is also decreased. As a by-product, the body is able to burn fat more easily.

  1. Meditation Holidays

A stressful mind contributes to poor health. While we naturally associate health with the food we’re putting into our body, sometimes it pays to keep your mind as pure and refreshed as possible.

Meditation holidays are the perfect escape for anyone looking to achieve this sort of cranial boost. They not only cater to the sense of needing a relaxing break from the “real world”, but specifically target improving your mental wellbeing.

Channel your inner thoughts and discover more about yourself. By clearing your mind you’ll be able to adopt a healthier routine in general – something which could translate in weight loss.

  1. Juicing

 Juicing is a fad which has become particularly popular in the last 12 months – and sees people substituting at least one meal a day for a blend of flavoursome fruit and spices, in the form of a blended juice drink.

For people who struggle to get enough fruit and veg in their daily diets, juicing is a perfect way to keep your vitamin levels primed. Insoluble fibre is extracted from these healthy bites while you juice, making it easier for the digestive track to get to work.

A common misconception about juicing sees people believing only the juice is consumed for the entirety of the cleansing period. In reality, it’s recommended you also eat regular meals alongside the process.

  1. Oil Pulling

This technique sees a person swig oil (usually sunflower, coconut or sesame) in their mouths in an attempt to make an improvement to their overall oral health. The oil is able to cut through plaque and remove toxins without damaging the teeth or gums.

It’s recommended for the full experience the oil should be swigged for as long as 20 minutes (newcomers can start off just doing it for five), with the substance usually applied via a spoon.

 This process is popular because it not only serves a benefit to your health, but also leaves a relatively pleasant aftertaste in your mouth (especially if you use coconut oil).

  1. Meatless Monday

 The name is on the tin with this one. It doesn’t have to be on a Monday, of course. Any day-break from meat has its benefits. While most of us love the taste of meat, it unfortunately brings with it some negative traits from a health perspective.

These include things like:


  • Calories
  • Unsaturated fat

By taking a day’s break from consuming this concentrated protein, you’ll allow your system a chance to take in more natural products – such as additional vegetables.

Have any of these health fads taken your fancy? If so, you should definitely consider trying one out for yourself in the future. You may be surprised how much of a positive impact it has on you.