One of the biggest complaints that adults have about their day to day frustrations is the fact that they have to not only come up with meal ideas daily but  also make them.  This is especially true if you have a family to look after. Yet, cooking can be a headache for anyone of any age. Even people past retirement age find themselves scratching their heads wondering how to make cooking less of a headache every night.  Here are some of the best tips for making cooking less of a hassle, and easier than ever.

Schedule Your Meals

Thinking ahead is one of the most practical ways to take the headache out of cooking. Instead of having to think on your toes when it’s dinner time, you have a list of your scheduled meals ready to go. Not only does it require less improvisation and creative thinking every evening, but it also makes shopping much easier. When you know exactly what your menu is for the week, you have your grocery list down to the last detail. This can also be beneficial for your wallet since you’re only buying what you need for your weekly menu.

Batch Recipes

If you don’t like cooking every day, which many people don’t, then you might want to consider cooking large batch meals. The idea is that you cook large quantities occasionally, and then you freeze it. That way, you can simply go in your freezer and thaw full meals for yourself on occasions when you don’t feel like cooking whatsoever. If you only have a tiny freezer, then you might want to consider investing in a larger one. That way, you can stock plenty of meals in there to thaw on the go any time you don’t feel like preparing a meal.

Get a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a lazy chef’s best friend. You Simply put the ingredients in before you go to work, and when you return home at night, you have a delicious hot meal ready to go for you and your family! Since ingredients are cooked at such a low temperature for such a long period of time, the flavors are often even more intense and delicious than traditional cooking methods. The best part is, it’s incredibly simple to do. Slow cookers are ideal for a “set it and forget it” lifestyle—which, let’s face it, people who don’t love cooking are all about!

Keep a List of Your Favorite Recipes

One of the most frustrating parts of cooking is that it’s hard to get creative on the fly. If you have trouble looking at a pile of ingredients and coming up with ideas of what to do with it, then consider keeping a list of your favorite recipes on hand at all times. Simply choose from the list, and rest assured that you know how to make it—stress-free.