If there’s one common memory from our childhoods that most of us share, it’s spending time in our backyards. Backyards are pretty much synonymous with childhood happiness. 

Running around under the sunshine and feeling your bare feet in the grass is a nostalgic memory for many. However, along with hours of entertainment in your backyard also comes a considerable amount of risk. 

All it takes is looking away for one moment for your child to get seriously injured during a seemingly harmless moment of play. Take a look at some of the best tips to ensure your child’s safety in your backyard space. 

Fence Your Yard 

Most cases of children being abducted in their backyards, are homes that were not properly fenced. Installing a fence in your backyard will ensure that your children remain in the yard and others stay out.  

In addition to keeping them safe from intruders, a fence will also ensure that they don’t wander away into a dangerous area like the road. If you have pets, it’s equally as important to keep them safe as well. 

Store Tools Securely

The lawnmower, shears, fork, spade and secateurs are not toys, and should therefore be out of reach of children. A modern storage shed can make both a stylish and practical addition to your garden, helping to improve your garden design and keep your children safe. Garden chemicals such as weedkiller should also be kept locked up in the shed – if it can kill a plant it can kill a child, so don’t take the risk.

Supervise Your Kids 

Kids under a certain age should be supervised in the backyard at all times. If you have older children, then they can act as a supervisor depending on the age of the children they are with. Even if your children are older and playing unsupervised in the backyard, it’s still important to check on them from time to time. 

Beyond just being at risk for injury, they could also find themselves dehydrated sunburned or even bitten by a dangerous insect. 

Get Rid Of Dangerous Plants 

Older children might know not to stick plants in their mouth, however, younger children may not have learned yet that not everything is edible. Some plants, if ingested, can be incredibly toxic. 

If you have potentially toxic plants in your yard, it’s important to get rid of them. In the event that you suspect your child has ingested a poisonous plant, contact the Poison Control Center or take them directly to the hospital. 

BONUS – Fence Off Pool 

Pools can be a lot of fun, especially in the summer months. However, pools can be incredibly dangerous for children and pets. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five in the United States. Most of these deaths occur in residential pools. Hot tubs also fall into this category.

 It’s important that any body of water in your backyard is fenced off so that children are unable to access it. In addition to a pool fence, you may want to also consider a sensor as an extra method of protection. Sensors will help alert you anytime someone goes around or in the pool.