Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, a milestone birthday is an important occasion and one which should be celebrated. How you choose to celebrate is up to you, but if you’re looking for inspiration on how to spend your special day – or how to make a loved one’s special day that little bit more special – then here are some top tips when considering a milestone birthday celebration.

  • Tick One Off the Bucket List

Milestone birthdays are great opportunities to fulfill something you’ve always wanted to do – or to help a loved one to tick something off their bucket list that they haven’t got round to doing themselves. There’s something about milestone birthdays that remind everyone about the years ticking by, which means all the more reason to fulfill big dreams and push the boat out with what you choose to do.

This is also great for group activities if you’re looking for a big item from your bucket list to do that everyone else can share in, too, such as skydiving, taking a trip, or a big day out.

  • Gather Your Loved Ones

Some birthdays, in general, you may prefer to spend with just close family members, maybe your friends, a partner or even just alone. However, Milestone birthdays are the ideal opportunities to make a huge social event out of it and invite all your loved ones. Whether it’s a garden party at home, or booking out a whole restaurant, milestone birthdays are the perfect excuses to get everyone together who you haven’t seen in a while.

The same works if you’re helping a loved one to plan their milestone birthday. Help them to organize a big celebration, or gather a large group for them as a surprise.

  • Think More Carefully About a Gift

If you’re planning a milestone birthday gift for someone else, it’s a good opportunity to find something special. For instance, there are many beautiful gifts over on the Gema & CO that make for a perfect milestone birthday gift and the best part is their moissanite jewelry is also ethically sourced. You want to give something that can be considered timeless and kept forever. Milestone birthday gifts often have souvenir potential in mind, such as engraving with the age number or something which signifies that specific age which the person can keep for years to come.

So when thinking about your gift, think about how you can make a normal birthday item into something more special, like chocolate gifts, engraved jewelry, or bespoke items.

  • Make it Last More Than One Day

Milestone birthdays are a big deal, and this means making them last as long as possible is always a plus. A great idea for milestone celebrations can be to take a trip in honor of the birthday – whether it’s a week away, a few days away, or even a month away! It’s the ideal opportunity to spend a trip with loved ones, spread out the celebrations, and make it into a huge event in a new and exciting place.


No matter what you choose to do for your milestone birthday or for the birthday of someone you know, make it extra special with a little more indulgence. Make a big event out of it and do something you’ll love.