Keto, short for ketogenic, is the latest rage in the world of nutrition. And while many people might know the word keto, many less know what the actual science behind it is. In simplified terms, it’s a diet which involves low carbohydrates and high fat in order to encourage the body to enter a state of ketosis. So what exactly is ketosis? It’s when the body enters a particular metabolic state that uses fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. The end result is increased muscle mass, and reduced fat.

Beyond physical changes, many people experience multiple benefits regardless of your age.  In fact, some of the people who may experience the greatest benefits of Keto are over the age of 70. If you’ve been curious to hear more about the keto diet, then here are some of the reasons you might just want to give it a try

Improved Physique

One of the primary motivations behind the keto diet is (obviously) weight loss.  However, beyond simply losing weight, many people find that their entire physique changes. Not only do you have less fat, but you have a much more chiseled body, particularly if you combine the keto diet with exercise. For even more dramatic results, many people combine intermittent fasting with keto, significantly improving their results.

Blood Sugar

If you’re someone who has diabetes, or you’re at risk of developing diabetes, a keto diet may be the answer you’ve been looking for. While some medications can promise lowering your blood sugar, there’s nothing like the natural way. In a recent study, over 70% of people on the keto diet had significantly stabilized their blood sugar levels within two weeks of eating strictly keto.

Increased Energy

Most people can agree that certain foods make you feel sleepier than others. Meals that are packed full of carbohydrates often leave you feeling sluggish and tired after eating. However, most keto enthusiasts will tell you that after they eat a full meal they don’t just feel energized, but they even feel increased mental clarity. A large reason for this is because a keto diet keeps your blood sugar levels stable, thus avoiding a blood sugar spike followed by fatigue 

Reduced Risk of Disease

A lot of people may think, “hang on a minute, how can a diet high in fat and protein lower your chances of developing a disease?”  Contrary to this popular perception, studies show that a high fat diet can actually improve your overall cardiovascular health and lower your risk of developing heart disease!  In fact, a keto diet lowers your triglyceride levels, thus increasing your good cholesterol levels. 

Not only can the keto diet lower your chances of chronic diseases, but it’s also been found to help manage conditions like epilepsy. While there’s certainly more research being done on the subject, early findings suggest that the keto diet is one of the best ways to eat for your physical health.

Whether you decide to go full on keto diet, or try it out a few times a week, one thing is for sure—you’re bound to see some very positive benefits that will convince you it was the right choice!