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Serving low-calorie food at a wedding may sound unappetizing. However, with a little creativity and some help from a wedding caterer, you can serve elegant, satisfying, and healthy food on your menu. Here are a few food ideas to complete your memorable day.

1. A Mediterranean Buffet

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Not everyone decides to hire a wedding caterer. Whether you decide on wedding catering or invite friends and family to pitch in, Mediterranean food is sure to please.

“Served in an exotic buffet style, this cuisine is quite healthy and low in calories”—says Mediterranean cuisine chef at Astral Catering.

Types of Mediterranean foods ideas include:

  • Fennel infused couscous
  • Roasted pork with sauteed apples
  • Chicken saltimbocca wilted spinach
  • Roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Pita bread and hummus
  • Greek yogurt and cucumbers paired in a Tzatziki dip

Each of these menu choices, paired together or served separately, will create an elegant and mouth-watering experience. Your reception will stand out and leave your guests satisfied.

2. Jazz Up A Salad Bar

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Do not be fooled. If your reception is being held in a wedding venue, you can arrange so that the waiting staff will serve a salad bar in a classy style. Gather a variety of fresh leafy greens and vegetables and invite guests to create their own salads, complete with their dressing of choice. The salad bar doesn’t need to consist of just vegetables either.

Consider serving various types of salads. Some ideas include:

  • Tuna salad – Serve up some fresh tuna or tuna ceviche.
  • Chicken salad – For the base, use greek yogurt and honey instead of mayonnaise. Add some diced grapes or apples for a nice crunch.
  • Fruit salad – A melon fruit salad sprinkled with fresh basil will create an appealing addition.
  • Greek salad – Start will some leafy greens and add feta cheese and kalamata olives. Have some chilled chicken available for guests as a hearty option.

3. Seafood Fare

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Seafood is a great option and is simple to alter for those who don’t favor the cuisine. Many varieties of fish can be served steamed, baked, grilled, or fried. If you want to serve it with the salad bar, consider serving it cooked and chilled or tartare.

Taking traditional seafood and spicing up the presentation will surprise and please your guests. As the head chef of a Cajun restaurant in Houston BB’s Tex-Orleans recommends “if you are serving buffet style, try mini salmon cakes or lobster legs. If you prefer a seated dinner, plated seared jumbo scallops with a fennel frond salad is quite elegant”.

4. The Wedding Cake

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Wedding cakes are either ornate and extravagant or traditional and classic. Whichever one you choose for your wedding reception, either one can be created with a healthy twist. An easy way is to lower the carbohydrates by swapping the type of flour. Instead of using white flour, use almond or coconut flour.

A practicing doctor from Houston Olga Bachilo advises to reduce the calories in your cake by substituting a different ingredient for sugar. Try a plant-based sweetener or use honey. Additionally, use applesauce to replace the oil and butter for another low-calorie and healthy choice.

These are just a few of the amazing low-calorie options for your wedding reception. Creativity with simplicity will make even the most traditional dishes stand out.