The bathroom is the place in your home where you can find solace and relaxation. It is a place of convenience, comfort, and hygiene that should be kept in good order. For maximum benefit, you want your bathroom to be functional, which means it must contain certain features for convenience and ease of use. 

Here are four important features of a functional bathroom.


Proper lighting is essential for a functional bathroom. The right lighting can create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, as well as enough illumination for grooming and safety purposes. In a well-lit bathroom, you can easily spot any messes or spills before they become too big of a problem. Moreover, bright lights make it easier to see your reflection in the mirror for proper grooming.

Natural light is best, so try to make use of existing windows as much as possible. Then, use additional lighting fixtures like wall sconces, pendant lights, and recessed lighting to fill in any gaps. Finally, include a light switch at the entrance of your bathroom for easy access.


The right storage solutions can make all the difference in your bathroom’s function. Shelves, cupboards, and drawers are ideal for storing items like towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials. Without proper storage, these items will end up lying around on the counter or floor, which is not ideal.

When thinking about storage solutions for your bathroom, be sure to choose those that are moisture-resistant, so that your items don’t get damaged. Also, consider the layout of your bathroom so that you can easily access what you need without having to move around too much. For example, if you have a sink vanity, add some shelving above the counter to keep your essential items within easy reach.


Drainage is an essential component of a functional bathroom. Without the proper drainage, water can’t be effectively removed from your bathroom and may accumulate on the floor, creating puddles or other hazards. You want to have a properly functioning drain in each area of your bathroom (e.g. shower, bathtub, sink, toilet). For example, your bathtub should have a working stopper.

Also, it’s important to check the drainage regularly and make sure there aren’t any blockages or leaks as even minor issues can escalate quickly. If something does turn up wrong contact a plumber right away for help.


Good ventilation is essential for any functional bathroom to eliminate odors, and reduce moisture to control mold and mildew problems, which are common in bathrooms with increased humidity levels. 

You can open windows regularly or have a ventilation system installed. When installing a ventilation system, make sure it is effective enough to remove air from the room at regular intervals. 

You can also install exhaust fans on the ceilings or walls to keep things dry. Air vents could also be positioned in every corner of the room so that air can easily circulate throughout the space. 

A functional bathroom should be equipped with the right features for convenience and practicality. And four top features of a functional bathroom are proper lighting, storage, drainage, and ventilation.