Is your kitchen looking a little blah? Are you unable or unwilling to hire someone to remodel it? Don’t worry — the do-it-yourself movement was made for this situation. There are countless mini projects you can do to make your kitchen look a lot nicer for a lot less. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic upgrades or the installation of new gadgets, you can easily upgrade your kitchen yourself.


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As an avid DIY-er, you are undoubtedly familiar with backsplash. This simple improvement to your kitchen adds a pop of color to your walls. Most backsplash is used around the stovetop area, but you can cover the entire wall space around your counters for even more flair. Best of all, there are peel-and-stick kits that minimize the mess. There are various materials, colors, and prints available to fit your individual style.

Open Storage

If you have too many kitchen gadgets and not enough cabinet space, then open storage might be for you. Utilizing wall space for open storage is a quick and easy project. It takes no time at all to install wall hooks for your kitchen belongings. You don’t have to place the hooks in a straight line, either. Get creative in the placement of the hooks to add even more personality into the room. Better yet, try creating custom shelving using crates, baskets, or pallets. This allows you to display items in a way that is both organized and decorative.

Garbage Disposal

This is a DIY installation you’ll want to try if you have a few projects under your belt. You can pull it off without a hitch if you already have an outlet and switch under or near your kitchen sink. This project requires very few tools and some safety gear.

Keep in mind that there are a few steps you have to follow, so you can’t just wing it. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll need to make sure your garbage disposal is working properly. If there is ever a foul smell, your disposal needs to be cleaned. If it shuts down, then it has likely become clogged. Hitting the reset button will usually fix the problem, but if it doesn’t, seek the help of a professional.


When it comes to giving your cabinets a new look, the possibilities are endless. The simplest DIY project is to change out the hardware. New knobs and handles on cabinets are an inexpensive way to tie in the overall theme of your kitchen or add a little embellishment. Painting cabinets is an alternative to buying brand new ones, and the right color can really give your kitchen a facelift. Consider using chalkboard paint to create a place for your to-do list or family calendar.  If your cabinets are beyond repair there are all kinds of assemble yourself kitchen cabinets to choose from! Let your creativity take over!

Now that you have a few ideas, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work. These simple but transformative projects are sure to create conversation pieces within your kitchen and earn you some bragging rights as well.