They say that moving is one of the most stressful things that can happen in life. Regardless of what the reason is for the move, whether you’re downsizing or want to try living in a new city, there’s a lot of steps to handle. The packing, the transporting, and unpacking can come with a lot of ups and downs. When you add kids into the equation, the process becomes even more daunting.

Children can throw in a considerable number of factors that make the entire moving experience even more complicated. Not only is it hard on you to make sure that everything gets moved effectively, but it’s also difficult to help everyone in the family adjust to moving into the unknown. Take a look at some of the best tips for your family move.

Plan Ahead

It’s incredibly helpful to plan ahead as much as possible. Setting deadlines and goals is a helpful way to make sure that you get things done in a timely fashion. As you plan, try to think of how much you can get done before you move. Everything you can do from signing up for local activities, to getting to know the new school district will help you get acclimated quicker.

Alongside this, you will also need to plan for your move. From making sure that you have everything packed away and labeled so it can be easily found on moving day, to contacting a professional moving company like to move the belongings between properties, you can never be too prepared. When there are so many things to worry about when moving to a new place, it’s important to plan as much as possible.


It’s important for your entire family to communicate about what’s going to happen through the process. Make sure that everyone is one the same page. Talk about what kind of changes everyone can expect, and make sure to be reassuring. Kids can be fearful about change and not always eager to leave behind what they’re familiar with.

It’s important that you encourage them to talk about how they’re feeling and listen to what they have to say. You can do everything from reading books about moving, to watching movies. Above all, make sure that they know that talking about their feelings is encouraged!


If you own a house, it is possible that you have decided to sell your house to companies similar to those at or to families. In either case, it can be a great time to get rid of old things that you don’t need anymore, and maybe even make some money while you’re at it. Try to go through your things during the packing process, and get rid of anything that might be bogging you down. Why bring old junk into your new home when you could leave it behind and start fresh?

Once you’ve got a pile going of things that you are willing to part with, you should have a garage sale! Use the extra money that you make to put aside for your moving costs! The best part is, you’ll have less stuff to pack!