For many kids, helping cook in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with their parents, learn something new, and get a little messy in the process. But while cooking with your kids can be fun and can teach them invaluable life skills, the kitchen can also be a dangerous place for your little ones.

To help ensure that you and your kids don’t get hurt while cooking together, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe while helping in the kitchen. 

Keep Things Clean As You Go

As was mentioned above, cooking with your kids can make your kitchen messier than it ordinarily would get if you were cooking on your own. And while messes are a pain to have to clean up, they can also make your kitchen more dangerous for you and your kids while you’re working there together.

To avoid slipping on the floor or getting hurt from other kinds of messes, Toria, a contributor to, recommends that you clean as you go. By cleaning as you go, you’ll not only be able to keep your workstation safe while you’re cooking, but you’ll also make it easier to clean everything up once you’re done cooking. This is also a good habit to teach your children so that they learn how to clean up after themselves once they gain more independence in the kitchen. 

Teach Oven And Stove Safety

The stove and oven are some of the most dangerous parts of the kitchen for your kids. When your children are small, they might not understand why you keep them away from these appliances. Because of this, it’s important that you set firm rules about oven and kitchen safety so your kids don’t get hurt.

According to the editors of, some steps you should take to keep kids safe around the stove and oven include cooking on the back burners when you can, keeping flammable objects away from the burners, and using a stove guard. You should also have your kids stand back far from the oven door as you open it. 

Give Kids Tools Means Just For Them

To get your kids used to using the right kitchen tools, even the ones that are sharp or dangerous, Rebecca Edwards, a contributor to, recommends that you get your kids tools meant for children to use. You can find knives, peelers, whisks and other kitchen utensils that are much safer for your little ones to practice with.

If your kids love helping you in the kitchen, consider using the tips mentioned above to help keep them safe while they learn and work with you as you cook together.