For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. There’s no better way to bond with those you love than breaking bread together. But in many homes, kitchens are so small or poorly laid out that no more than one or two people can comfortably be in them. And if you have children, the kitchen can also be a dangerous place.

But with the right adjustments and precautions, your kitchen area can be a place in your home where your loved one congregate, mingle, and share the love of food together. To help you realize how this could come to be in your own home, here are three tips for a more family-friendly kitchen. 

Choose The Right Materials

Kitchens can messy places. Especially if you’re cooking with kids, you’re bound to have spills on surfaces that you’d rather keep clean. So to help ensure that you’re able to minimize the stress associated with these messes, it’s important that you pick the right materials and surfaces for your kitchen,

According to, the best surfaces for a kitchen are ones that are easy to clean. For kitchen counter, you might want to go with quartz or laminate. And for flooring, hardwood can often be the easiest to wipe of spills or sweep up other messes. Just make sure that when you’re cleaning these surfaces, you use the right cleaning agents so as to not sacrifice the integrity of the materials. 

Create An Open Concept

In previous decades, kitchens were much smaller than people tend to like them now. If this is how your home currently looks, you might want to consider a little remodeling so you can make your kitchen and adjoining living areas a more open concept. shares that creating a space that’s more of an all-purpose room is very on-trend now. To do this, you’ll want to open up your kitchen to your dining and even living room areas so everyone in those rooms and speak and interact regardless of what tasks they’re accomplishing. Separation becomes a thing of the past. 

Make It Easy For Everyone To Help

When creating a kitchen that’s open to your whole family, you’ll want to be sure that each family member can feel safe and comfortable there. Especially with children, it might take a little planning and forethought to make it simpler for them to lend a hand.

To help you with this, Kathryn O’Shea-Evans, a contributor to, recommends creating certain spaces where your children can safely help, be it with their own dishes or with simple food preparation. 

If you’re wanting to make your kitchen a more family-friendly area, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can do just that.