Students have a few challenges on the food front. First of all, temptation to eat bad convenience foods is everywhere. University and college campuses are often close to fast food places and social events often involve food and drink. Secondly, without an income, many students need to eat on a budget. And finally, with lectures, extra curricular commitments, social events and possibly even part time work, there’s often less time to plan and prepare meals.

So it’s easy to see why students might struggle to eat healthily while at University. But a great day’s food starts with a good breakfast and here are 3 of our favourite quick, cheap and easy breakfast options for students.

Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt

Berries and low fat natural yoghurt are a firm favourite of ours. Low on fat, high on energy and taste. And it’s a particularly easy breakfast to just grab and go and eat on the move if you don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy.

Natural yoghurt is cheap. And you can often cut the costs of berries and other fresh fruit by buying frozen or keeping an eye on supermarket reduced sections.

Egg on Toast

However you like your eggs (personally, we go for fried and sunny side up all day long), they’re a cracking source of protein. And both eggs and bread are inexpensive staple items of food.

Protein and energy rich, relatively low in sugar and ample to keep you filled until lunch – the humble egg on toast breakfast is one of our all time favourites.

Overnight Oatmeal

Fancy doing much of the prep for your breakfast the night before? With this overnight oatmeal recipe you can. You’ll need access to a slow cooker, but with very little effort and using low cost ingredients, you can wake up to breakfast ready made for you. And this is one of the most energy rich and healthy breakfasts you can enjoy.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Not convinced by breakfast? Prefer 10 more minutes in bed? Well, one of the best starts to your day is making sure you make the time for a quick meal in the morning. Improved concentration and kick starting your metabolism are just two reasons to jump out of bed a few minutes early and make time for the best meal of the day.