Thanks to the many cooking gadgets available these days, one can make a masterpiece out of a simple dish. The market now has to offer a plethora of devices that can make your life a lot easier. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on an item that’s easy to use, yet manages to make all the difference, you should have a look at our list.

We’ve put together a set of three less popular kitchen products that are time-savers and that can help you increase the fun of spending at least an hour dining with your friends and family.

Barbecue grill plate

This gadget comes all the way from Korea. It ensures a neat way of grilling your food while cooking something else. The portable pan is equipped with ridges that allow all the fat to drip from your dishes, which means that you will be able to enjoy your guilt-free food. Granted, it might not be the most affordable product ever to have been invented, but there are cheaper alternatives you can consider. Some models can cost as much as fifty dollars and more. If you’re into pork belly, check it out today.

Raclette grill

The best thing about getting a raclette grill is that it allows you to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen, preparing everything for when your guests visit with you. Originating from Switzerland, traditional raclette grills need to be used with a variety of cheeses. Reading this article can help you decide on a good model as many of those we have come across are outfitted with non-stick cooking surfaces that make cleaning a breeze. That said, there are different types of Raclette grills that can be chosen from. For instance, one can opt for an electric raclette grill which can be used indoors. It can easily hold one-half wheel of raclette cheese. Alternatively, a propane-powered raclette grill can be used. It can hold two half-wheels of raclette cheese at once. (Note: Residential propane can be delivered by firms like Nelson Propane.)

Anyway, remember that you can prepare anything with the help of this gadget. Of course, if you’re into potatoes, we recommend pre-boiling them as they might not be cooked evenly or efficiently on the hot plates of the grill. Other than that, you can use meats, veggies, as well as a variety of cheeses, bacon, and eggs with this product. If you want to get a budget-friendly choice, there’s always the mini raclette grill that you can bear in mind.


Nothing beats the convenience offered by a slow cooker, right? The point is it will await you with a warm and delicious specialty when you get back home from work. The tagine is similar to a slow cooker, in a way, because it needs a bit of time to do its job. Unfortunately, you will have to practice your patience as it does require a bit of supervision.

The clay conical pot needs to be placed in the oven after having been filled with all sorts of meats, veggies, spices, and bulgur. The conical shape of the pot will allow all of these ingredients to cook thoroughly and best of all, they’ll be impregnated with the scents and aroma of everything in the pot. Moroccans and Tunisians like to prepare lamb and chicken in tagines, so why not give it a try?