Do you have plans for renovating your kitchen? A lot of thinking and brainstorming is bound to happen before you arrive with a definite plan.

From choosing benchtop surfaces, choosing tapware, details, and many more, the choices are endless. The most thought-about aspect in redesigning the kitchen is the cabinet fronts section, which is the first thing that would catch someone’s attention.

Your choice of kitchen cabinet doors is important. It gives beauty to your kitchen. Cabinet door fronts come in different designs, materials and textures. The finish and style you choose will have a significant impact on how your kitchen will look.

What is the most popular cabinet door style?

Let us narrow down the choices for your convenience. Here are 12 of the Most Popular Cabinet Doors in Australia that you will have to consider depending on your preference and desired design.

  1. Flat Cabinet. This is suitable for a modern style home, or contemporary. Usually, the most affordable style and easy to clean, flat cabinets are produced with handleless kitchen cabinets.
  1. Beadboard Country Style Cabinet. This kind of cabinet door best suits country-style kitchens and homes. If the design of your house has stained-glass windows or has farmlands viewed from your kitchen window, these cabinet styles will be perfect.
  1. Shaker Style Cabinet. This type of style mirrors the furniture design by the Shakers. They are skilled carpenters or craftsmen. This type of cabinets has doors with minimal adornments and recessed panels. Shaker cabinets are commonly built using hardwood, even though some use veneer panels for the doors. Shaker style cabinets are painted with a distressed finish which gives your home an appearance of age that enhances its appeal and beauty.
  1. Tongue and Groove Cabinet. This is a type of assembly with two pieces of wood joined together. One piece is made of a thin extension that slides to a channel which is perfectly cut to the second piece. Tongue and groove joints can withstand the shrinkage and expansion that wood experiences during changes in the temperature. Screws and nails are unnecessary with this kind of design which helps woodworkers save more money, although it is time-consuming.
  1. Sliding Cabinet Doors. These kitchen cabinet doors are perfect for compact kitchens; it saves a lot of space. This style fits in a Scandi style home, or in a retro kitchen design.
  1. Glassdoor Kitchen Cabinet. Glass cabinets will always be a classic look in any kitchen. Usually, this is integrated into hanging cabinets. Suited for Hamptons home and country style kitchens, this requires a little styling effort but will impress your guests.
  1. Heritage Style Cabinets. This design delivers a traditional design blended with elegance. Its beautiful contours and smooth hand glazed finish will leave a lasting impression.
  1. Inset Kitchen Cabinets. This type of cabinet may look like a regular cabinet, but when you get a closer inspection, you’ll notice an exposed hinge and doors which sit inside the frame of the cabinet. It offers flush inset doors, clean lines and features which change the look of a standard cabinet with a full overlay door.

This cabinet type has different modifications, including colour choice, finish options, embellishments and mouldings. This allows you to create an intricate and detailed cabinet with simplicity, and celebrate the heritage and elegance of styling. Anyone who wants to keep their current cabinets but freshen up their look can also use many of these options and there are companies that specialize in cabinet refinishing in Fredericksburg, or wherever is close to you. This is an excellent compromise for a person who wants to restyle their kitchen without having to totally remodel it.

  1. Distressed Kitchen Cabinets. If you dreamed of an antique style kitchen, you would love this design. You can choose any door style and have the corners rubbed off or choose other distressing techniques excellent for an antique feel. Although this extra work will cost you more, the results will impress you.
  1. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets. This type of door is moulded out of medium density fibreboards, wrapped into a plastic-type coating and baked under intense heat. This is cost-effective and durable, and they only come in imitation wood grain and solid colours.
  1. Louvered Kitchen Cabinets. These are made of horizontal wood slats mainly used on windows, interior doors and furniture pieces, but they add a specific architectural style in the kitchen cabinetry. Louvered doors usually have spaces between each slat, perfect for ventilation just like a cabinet near the radiator.
  1. Customized Kitchen Cabinets. Whenever you haven’t decided from the above mentioned, you always have the choice to choose your design. That will always depend on the style and design you prefer.

Bottom line:

Whenever you decide to renovate or remodel your kitchen, you will surely have a lot of design to choose from. Kitchen cabinets are essential to the functionality, layout and design of your entertaining hub and cooking space.

Kitchen doors are the true face of cabinets. Make sure they best suit your home decors and add to your personal touch. Also, always consider your budget and kitchen space in choosing the perfect design for your kitchen.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by the decision of choosing the best design for your kitchen. Once you decide on the design, have your budget ready and the right person to do the job. When you look for a service to engage in remodeling your kitchen to the design of your choice, you might also want to make sure you are comfortable with them. If you are opting for, say a company like Panda Kitchen & Bath Expo, you can talk with them beforehand and convey your requirements to them. If the meeting goes well, then you can fix them to do the work.

Always remember that a beautiful and highly functional kitchen will always be worth your investment. It’s where most of the best family bonding times and all the great cooking sessions happen!