Asian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. When traveling around the world, you can have the choices to eat delicious Thai curry, Japanese Ramen, Singaporean Laksa, Korean Beef Bulgogi, and many delicious foods to choose from.

In my experience, I have tried many amazing foods in Asia, which I find one of the best around the world.

Below are the lists of Top Asian Food dishes that I recommend to try either at restaurants, street food or even cooking at home.

1. Thai Green Curry

Credit to The Odehlicious

Thai Green Curry is one of the most delicious Thai foods I tried. This dish is mix with coconut milk, special Thai green paste, green vegetables, and meat. Usually, for Thai green curry, it is served with either chicken or boneless fish. You can find this dish in any Thai restaurant or street food in Bangkok.

If you want to visit Thailand, don’t forget to try this delicious Thai curry fish

2. Chicken Satay

 Credit: Wikimedia

Chicken Satay is a popular Malaysia street food that grilled in a charcoal fire and then serves with a flavorful spicy sauce.  The satay is made from a special peanut sauce with Malay herbs and spices. It is so delicious which pairs well with rice.

3. Korean Beef Bulgogi

Credit to Flickr

Korean Beef Bulgogi is a spiced Korean beef stir fry which is a spiced beef mixed with sesame oil, Korean red pepper paste, onion, chilies and other spices and herbs.  This is one of my delicious Korean beef dishes which are nice to eat with rice.

If Korean food is new to you, then I suggest you to try this delicious dish.

4. Filipino Spaghetti.

Credit to The Odehlicious

If you love spaghetti, I highly suggest you should try the sweet style spaghetti. This Filipino spaghetti has a sweetness taste made from banana ketchup. It is a popular comfort food which the people love to serve it during birthday parties and family gathering.

If you will like to try this spaghetti, you can find in a popular fast-food chain called Jollibee which has branches in the Philippines, the United States, and most countries around the world.

5. Prawn Masala

Credit to Wikimedia

Prawn Masala is a delicious Indian prawn dish that is mixed with Indian spices such as Garam masala, red chili powder, and other dry spices. It is one of my favorite Indian food, which has mild spiciness but with intense flavor.

6. Beef Rendang

Credit to Wikimedia

If you traveled to Indonesia, you will know that Beef Rendang is one of the most popular beef dishes in their country. This is a spicy Indonesian beef dish that is braised in coconut milk and spiced mixture. Rendang has been rated by CNN as one of the most delicious foods in the world.

7. Japanese Gyoza

Credit to Wikimedia

Gyoza is a popular Japanese pan fried dumpling which is filled with ground beef or pork, vegetables and seasoning. The dumpling is crispy on the outside but moist on the inside.

8. Butter Chicken

Credit to Wikimedia

One thing I liked about Indian dish that is creamy, rich in flavor, and spicy. This butter chicken is a chicken dish that is mixed with butter, tomato sauce, and cream. The chicken is marinated with different spices such as cumin, masala, red chili powder, and many other spices. The butter chicken is usually eaten with roti bread or white rice.

9. Japanese Ramen

Credit to Wikimedia

In Japan, you will notice that they serve this delicious Japanese noodle soup with meat. Ramen is served with meat broth, noodles, miso flavor, and slices of pork or beef. There are actually several types of Ramen you can choose such as seafood, pork, or beef.

If you travel to Japan, you will find this dish in most Japanese shops or restaurants since this is a very popular Japanese food among locals. It’s so popular that it has made its way over to the rest, and you can find a myriad of restaurants and focuses on Ramen and other types of Japanese cuisine. If you are interested in experiencing this dish for yourself, you can check out this New York Japanese Restaurant or search for a Japanese restaurant in your local area.

10. Laksa

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Laksa is a spicy noodle soup which is filled with coconut milk, curry paste, and meat which can be chicken, fish or other seafoods.  This is a popular Singaporean dish which you can find in most Singaporean street food or restaurants. Unlike Ramen, this is usually spicy and creamy, but very flavorful. If next time, you will be visiting Singapore, don’t forget to try this delicious curry laksa.