Why you should do a social media audit

You might say, “Hasn’t this year been miserable enough? Shouldn’t I be treating myself to a luxury spa deal, not conducting the business equivalent of a prostate exam?”. Well, as bad as the words “social media audit” may sound, the whole process can be done in less

What Are the Health Benefits Of CBD?

CBD is widely appreciated by many people in the world because of its health-associated benefits including relieving various b pains (back pain, sciatic nerve pain), treating arthritis, alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression, and acting as a detox. CBD can be taken into the body through vaping, sublingual,

3 Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids About Working In The Kitchen

If you have kids who are anxious to get into the kitchen with you and participate as you cook meals for yourself and your family, you might be nervous about having them in this potentially dangerous room of the house with you. But with the right boundaries

Things to keep in mind before booking your wedding caterer

Everyone wants their wedding to be a dreamy one that too budget-friendly. And, one thing that all the guests gathered at the wedding ceremonies remember is the food that has been served to them. No matter how the décor is, the venue is, food always remains the

A Comprehensive Guide to Food Blogging

Do you love food? Do you like to visit different food outlets and sample different types of cuisines? Are you fond of sharing your experiences with others? If so, then you must consider being a food blogger. A food blogger is one who enjoys food and shares

3 Things To Eat Or Avoid Before Going To The Spa

If you have your first experience at a spa on the books, you might be feeling both excited and nervous about this new adventure. So to help make sure that your time spent at the spa will be everything that you’ve dreamed of, you’ll want to be

Meal Plans at Montclair State University

Making meal plans is an essential step in preparing healthy and delicious meals. Start by jotting down the ingredients that you have in your kitchen, as well as those that have a short shelf life. Then, start looking for recipes that use these ingredients. Don’t forget to

Are Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers Appropriate for Important Events?

Pre-made cocktail mixers are growing in popularity. They’re cost-effective, convenient, and taste great. They’re also extremely consistent since they’re portioned out in production plants instead of at the whim of a bartender.  However, there’s a bit of a condescending attitude towards them from more “high class” drinkers.