The Link Between Liquor and Literature

What is a novelist, poet, or writer without the love of a glass or two to help the imaginative process along? The link between literature and liquor is one that’s been around forever and a day. Dionysus has always been ready to lend a helping hand to

The Long History of Cakes

The word cake has a long history. It’s of Viking origin, a version of kaka, an Old Norse word, which dates it to the late 8th century. It refers to a confection of baked flour sweetened with honey or sugar, mixed with eggs and sometimes milk and

Snack Food for a Casino Theme Party

If you’re thinking about throwing a party, you’re going to have to make a lot of decisions. But one of the most important choices is also the one you’re going to have to tick off the list first. The theme. Why not bring something completely different to

5 Dishes Everyone Should Know, Says Ramsay

Most of us are a little intimidated by the kitchen and tend to muddle our way through dishes by haphazardly slapping whatever we can find together and hoping for the best. People seem to think that cooking well is a special talent you’re born with, but this

World Food Day 2019 Might Involve More People Than Ever

Every year on October 16, we celebrate World Food Day – a day designated by the FAO to draw attention to how governments and people can help fight poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity in the world. This day also marks the creation of the Food and Agriculture

3 Tips For Eating Yourself Into Fitness

Getting fit can be hard work. While some people are fine working out for a few hours a day, others would much rather have a procedure done to reduce fat and look slimmer. But despite this, there’s no denying that your diet has a major impact on

Want to Protect Your Children’s Livelihood? Pay Attention To Matters at Home

As a mother, most of the things you do are for your children. Even when you’re feeling selfish, the actions that you take probably help both you and your family. To take this to the next level of engagement, one of the primary places that you should

Post-Surgery Nutrition Advice From the Experts

In normal circumstances, you should pay a good amount of attention to your diet. However, after surgery, it’s even more important that you eat the right things. That’s why you should always listen to advice from the experts when they talk to you about postoperative suggestions. Doctors