The Ultimate 5 Step Guide to Eco Friendly Living

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is something that many of us want to do. The world if hurting and we want to be sure that we can do as much as possible to play a part in saving our world. That being said, how can we get ahead

6 Advantages Of Using Cloth Bags While Travelling And Shopping

Using cloth bags is a great thing for you when you are travelling or shopping often. Think outside the box because you are going to use these bags for everything from groceries to clothes and beyond. Moreover, you can buy reusable cloth bags that look really nice.

China Nanning Hotel Guide: Top 5-stars Hotels & Budget Hotels Around NICEC China

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center (NICEC), China occupies a strategic position sitting on the east of Mingehu Lake. The site is famous for its architectural brilliance and hosting ASEAN Expo. The building features a translucent dome that symbolizes the blooming of a flower. Today, it has

How to make your own wine

A nice glass of wine is the preferred tipple of many and provides an ideal way to unwind after a long day at work. But, wine can be expensive, and even if you buy the cheapest supermarket wine, the cost can still inflate your weekly shopping bill.

Valentine’s Day – Say ‘I Love You’ with Food

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love between two people. Couples take advantage to show their love for each other and spend some quality time together. Among all the love declarations, flowers and kisses, there is always one more ingredient: food. Nothing seems to say “I

The Best Food To Help Improve Your Concentration

In today’s modern world, it can be difficult to concentrate on things. Whether it’s work, a debate, or a computer game, it’s a good idea to boost your concentration to make you more productive or successful. There are various foods and drinks that can help you do

Benefits of having a wall art in your room

You will be surprised when you know the amount some people spend on getting wall arts for their rooms. This is considering that some wall arts are worth millions of dollars and individuals fork out this money just to get an item they hang on a wall

5 Fruits and Vegetables That Can Help You Lose Weight

More often than not, snacks specifically marketed for weight loss aren’t always good for your health. While they may indeed contain less fat, they tend to be filled with sugar or salt to make up for the lack of flavour. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest in