To market, to market… a blogging event to celebrate farmers’ markets everywhere


It’s either summer, autumn or spring in any part of the world. For some who lives in the tropics where there is an abundance of produce all year-round and where the variety is not at the mercy of winter, I came to this realization when I organized the first To market, to market event. Not everyone can join since their farmers’ markets are not available come winter time. So I’ve decided to make this into a regular event where we can share how our markets look like. Or during our travels and cruises, we might have come across these markets that are so different from or own but nevertheless as fascinating and as varied.

Here’s how to join:

1. 1. Blog about the local market where you buy your food. Include a picture of the place (e.g. your favorite stall, a local delicacy, a seasonal produce). Talk about the sights and sounds. You can also blog about a market you have come across in your travels. It may be an organized one with its own building, a street market or any out of the way place where locals put up their produce.

2. Only one entry per blog.

3. Blog posts not included in the previous round-up are also welcome.

3. The post should include a link to this announcement.

4. Once you have written your post, email me at mgccarrillo AT gmail DOT com. Include the following:

* Your Name
* Your hometown/region and country
* Blog name
* Blog URL
* Post title
* Post URL

Please include “To Market, to market” in the subject line so I don’t lose your email.

5. Submit your entries by May 10, 2008 May 31, 2008.


  1. says

    I’m so glad I came to visit!!! You are doing it again :D. Great, count on me!!! This time I plan to do a complete round up of all (or nearly all) Barcelona’s biggest and nicest Markets… you will be surprised!!! je, je 😉

  2. says

    This time I can play… I need an excuse to get to the market instead of just shopping at the mega store…
    Besides, they have such a good bakery there… pan au chocolat here I come!

  3. says

    Just posted on my blog on our Spring Fling at my favorite farmers market, wish I had seen your event before :)

    Buy Local !

  4. says

    i was too busy the last time you organized it; great to hear you are doing it again, count me in for sure this time :-)


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