To market, to market… 2nd edition


There’s surprising mix of entries for this edition’s To market… to market. Still as colorful and interesting as the first To market, to market round-up.

Maggie of A Taste of Both World shares with us pictures of the Avi Market in Israel, fill with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables at very cheap prices.

Johanna’s of Green Gourmet Giraffe back with Carlton Farmers Market in Melbourne. Check out her swag of goodies: orange and poppy seed biscuits, Chef’s Own basil pesto (which is such a lovely brilliant green), chat potatoes, corn , broccoli, brussels sprouts, free range eggs, Milawa cheddar, hemp soap (by Scent Sational Handmade Soaps) and spelt bread.

Take a tour of the different farmers’ markets in Barcelona, Spain with Nuria of Spanish Recipes.

Or you can talk along the roadside market in Crimea with Chossid as your guide.

Check out, too, the goodies in an Asian market in Philadelphia in the US – bene shouga (pickled ginger colored red), bonito (dried fish flakes), sakura ebi (shrimp), baby octopus, seaweed, a restock of some spices, and fresh fruit and veggies – enough to stock up Amanda’s (of Aspargus Thin) Japanese pantry.

Katie of Thyme for Cooking cooked up Spanish Rice for me as she talks about French and Spanish markets.


Teri of Faking It Gluten Free Style talks about her favorite market in Vicenza, Italy as she enjoys shopping for cheese, fruits and vegetable on Saturday mornings.

What’s Cooking in Clevelend? Morrel mushrooms, spices, goat cheese milk fudge, Amish cheese, buttermilk pie… and herbed ninja’s??? Check out Ohio Mom’s Saturday Market Report!

Snowys‘ from North East Victoria in Australia shows us the roadside stall of pumpkins where she got the pumpkin for her pumpkin meals.


Have you tasted sea urchin? Well, Kai of Bucaio in the Philippines tells us of her adventures in eating sea urchin from a market in Puerto Princessa, Palawan in the Philippines. (Note to Kai – sorry about this, I can’t seem to make the figure appear but if you click on the link, you can see the sea urchin in its full glory).

PS – Who won the book Home Chefs of the World? Check out in a while :)


  1. says

    I’m so jealous of these amazing markets! Ours is a little small by comparison, though still fun.

    I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes for T&C!


  2. says

    Don’t know why you encountered a problem posting the pic, but the link is way way better, hehe!

    Great assortment – I love markets so! Thanks for inviting me. Looking forward to joining again if there’s going to be a 3rd edition.

  3. says

    thanks Gay – it is so interesting to see all the different markets – I wish I could visit each and every one but I have trouble visiting all those around Melbourne so it really is wishful thinking!

  4. says

    hello gay. is a third edition in brewing?

    love the markets included in your list, i wish our local market looks like that (any of which).


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