Marian Plum


Ancutza of Matrioska’s Adventures is hosting this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging. This week I am featuring the Marian plum, or maprang in Thai. The fruit resembles and tastes like mangoes, though it is smaller. The scientific name is Bouea macrophylla and is also known in English as gandaria and plum mango. Common in Southeast Asia, it also known as ma-yong in Thailand, ramania and gandaria in Indonesia, mayun-thee in Myanmar and kundang, rembunia, and setar in Malaysia (Source: Wikipedia).

marian plum

The tree fruits from January to March and the province of  Nakon Nayok holds a Marian Plum festival during March to promote the fruits. It is the peak season this time so you can find this anywhere -from groceries to street vendors. The intense yellow color can be deceiving though, as sometimes you can get sour marian plums despite the ripe color!



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