Shrimps and Coke

To have a sweetish shrimp dish, just steam shrimp with 1/4 cup of Coke then stirfry in garlic. Add some tomato sauce and your done.


  1. uyyy, this is something new a! steaming using coke.. easy and fast to do… might try this…

  2. Yum! My parents also like using Sprite or 7Up!

  3. Interesting…never had it with Coke but I’ve tried it with Sprite or 7-up!

  4. i had a french friend who had a similar recipe of cooking coke for savory dishes!! your recipe is worth trying i bet!

  5. I can’t imagine it could get any easier than this. Coke has such versatility doesn’t it – the best brisket ever is with coke too. Gotta love it.

  6. wow, sounds easy and i always love coke!

  7. Interesting. Gotta try it. Coke is it!

  8. Sweet… Concise and to the point. Don’t need to do much to shrimp to make it taste good, right?

  9. I have not tried adding coke. I have tried beer and seven-up (not together). It is quite tasty, I bet! :)

  10. Fun! I’ll have to do this one with my nieces.

  11. Nice Idea… Shrimps with Coke Recipe
    Who would ever thought bout’ that


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