It’s a flower power salad


I have the privileged of hosting Grow Your Own from Oct 1 to 15, and I would like to share with you my first time to use flowers in a dish.

I have always fancied using flowers as food but never had the chance to do so. I’ve seen a lot of recipes, from salads to tempura to savory dishes. So it was with great delight that I made a salad of flowers all grown from the garden. We have been growing ampalaya (bitter gourd), patola (ridged gourd/luffa) and Baguio beans and have been enjoying cooking them at home.

In the last few weeks, I have been staying at home mostly, always wondering what to cook. So with great delight, I noticed these three vegetables flowering and an idea to make salad came to mind. Should I call this Flower Power Salad?

Flower Power Salad with Asian Dressing

Get a handful of everything:

Patola flowers
Ampalaya flowers
Baguio beans flowers
Gotokula leaves
Saw-toothed coriander leaves
Thai basil leaves


4 tbsp vinegar
4 tbsp water
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp sugar
2 cloves garlic
1 Thai chili

Mix vinegar, water, fish sauce and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil till sugar has dissolved. Taste according to your preference and adjust as necessary.

To serve, arrange eveything in a platter and serve with the dressing.



  1. says

    This is so pretty and colorful! Supposedly one of my favorite flowers is edible, and they prefer cool temperatures, so I’ll have a bountiful supply this winter. Thanks again for hosting this round!


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