In a hurry coleslaw

We had picnic in the garden and decided for oven-fried chicken once more. For some reason, there were no vegetables to accompany the dish (read: prepared lunch late, so make do with the chicken only). So, I looked at the fridge and found a carrot. I just bought a bundle of jicama so I julliened the carrot and a piece of jicama. Mix that with some mayonaise and pepper and there’s a coleslaw salad. A sudden inspiration made me add some poppy seeds to the salad for some crunch. And presto, a perfect picnic lunch.

My suggestion for a perfect party dish? Fried chicken and coleslaw. Nothing beats fried chicken for the young and old alike and this oven-fried chicken marinated with fennel seeds is really good.

For more party dishes, check out the round up of the Perfect Party Dishes Blog Event at Dhanggit’s Kitchen. Dhanggit is celebrating her little girl’s first birthday.


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  1. i loveeeeeeeeeee fried chicken, i can eat a bucketful of these bad boys mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Mmmm… fried chicken is comfort food to me. I’ve never tried using fennel seed to season mine – how creative!

  3. Try fennel seeds. I love them with meat, especially for making my own Italian sausage.

  4. fried chicken and coleslaw are indeed perferct party dishes!! love the touch of fennel seeds on this coleslaw! thanks for preparing something delicious for my little girl’s party! See you at the round-up!

  5. I am a fan of jicama sorts of coleslaw — it gives it the right combo of bite — both in terms of crunchiness and spice. As a side note, you might like the interview om my site from a chemist and colleague on teaching a course on cooking (using science). See

    (By the way, please donot reply via email. It’s summer and… )

  6. I love fried chicken and used to make it lots when we lived in the US. The chicken here is very flavorful, and great for making stews and braises… but not good on the barbecue so I haven’t tried frying it, either. Shall we just say they are mature birds….
    Love the slaw, too!

  7. I love the combination of fried chicken and coleslaw. Fennel seeds would be a great flavor for the chicken too!

  8. Nothing like homemade fried chicken and coleslaw. Always a crowd pleaser for sure.

  9. What a great idea to use jicama for coleslaw…I’ll bet a cabbage-jicama combo would also be good.

  10. Chicken and coleslaw is the perfect combination. Great memories of cookouts with tables of food piled as high as the eye can see.

    Good use of the jicama in the coleslaw and I love the simple chicken rub.

  11. Hi, nice recipes. Thanks for the fried chicken and coleslaw recipe. Two of my favorite food

  12. yummy, I prefer coleslaw than mashed potatoes or mixed vegetables and yogurt with fried chicken. Delicious recipe !

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