Secret Recipe Club: Five Spice Pork Ribs


It’s time for the Secret Recipe Club again and this month I learned a lot of new things from Angela’s Kitchen. I am not familiar of a gluten-free diet, nor know of anyone that has gluten allergy. And having no food allergy at all, there are no “must avoid food that cause allergy” in my diet. Though these days, I am very careful of what I eat – have to be mostly vegetables. I enjoyed browsing through Angela’s blog, especially following the chronicles of Gonzo, now officially a hen! It reminds me so much of the chickens my dad is raising back home in the Philippines, we really don’t buy eggs anymore as we get abundant supply from them each day.

I finally settled on cooking her Five Spice Pork Roast, realizing that I bought a pack of five spice powder that I haven’t had the chance to cook with. I also had pork ribs so I use them instead of pork roast. And last July I bought some dried egg noodles in an OTOP fair. These noodles are locally produced in my city – Phitsanulok, Thailand. They come in three colors, depending on the natural food colorant they used. I bought three packs, one of each color but I can only remember the purple colored noodles as coming from an orchid flower. OTOP,or one-tambon-one-product (tambon means town, in Thai) is a government project in Thailand where towns specialize in a particular product, be it food or crafts. So you would hear of Sukothai noodles, dried bananas also from Phitsanulok, sausages from a particular town, or a special way of preparing somtam. I really didn’t know what to do with these noodles, though from the sampling I had, they usually cook them into stir fries. The pork ribs remind of how some noodle shops here prepare they broth with five spice powder so this gave me an idea to use noodles instead of rice.

pork ribs and noodles

Angela cooked it with the slow cooker, but I still don’t have one yet so I simmered all the ingredients for the pork ribs and simmered them gently for about 4 hours. Just made sure that there is enough water and later on, when pork is very tender, boiled down the sauce till thick. Shred the tender pork and put back to the pot to simmer for a few minutes. To assemble, to each plate, add cooked noodles, then add pork and sauce, some mushrooms (you can add other vegetables as well), and flavor with chili flakes and black pepper as the Thais do.


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    I loved how you served this over noodles and allowed the sauce to thicken. Yum! I am trying that the next time I make it. Thanks for making my recipe look so delicious. Your photos always make me want to cook something up!

    All of our chickens are now laying (the last one started just 3 days ago) so we now have 7 official hens. Gonzo’s blue eggs are still my favorite, though. :)

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