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Jeed-Jard restaurant, Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you happen to be at Chatuchak Weekend Market this weekend, you might want to check out Jeed-Jard restaurant for lunch. This is not a tom yum or pad thai shop but more of Northeast Thailand cuisine called Isan. The main dish is laab in different persuasions - minced pork, grilled pork, fried … [Read More...]

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Coffee shop at Phu Kradueng

Those cute Thai coffee shops

Thais really love their iced coffee - often as early as 7am I see my colleagues slurping on iced coffee. They are called fresh cool coffee since the … [Read More...]

roast pork belly

Easy lechon liempo (roast pork belly)

Undoubtedly, lechon is one of my favorite foods. It is also one of the things I miss from General Santos City. I was determined to bake one myself for … [Read More...]

New Year spread

Hello new year 2558!

In Thailand, 2015 is equivalent to the Thai year 2558, so Thai calendars would actually have 2558 instead of 2015. It is based on the Thai solar … [Read More...]


Stir fried shrimps and asparagus

This is one of my quick and easy stir fry recipes that I like to bring to the office for lunch. As much as possible, I prepare my own lunch so that I … [Read More...]

Mesmerising dance act

Have you seen this video before? Check out this mesmerising fancy drill routines by the Thai military! The domino effect dance moves are quite … [Read More...]

Sweet and Spicy Filipino-style spaghetti

Spicy Filipino-style spaghetti

Whenever I go back to the Philippines, I would always bring a lot of ingredients I can't find here - bay leaves, Nestle all purpose cream, sinigang … [Read More...]

Thai shrimp cakes

Thai food love #1: Tod man kung (shrimp cakes)

Starting with this post, I will share with my favorite Thai dishes. Thai food is beyond pad Thai, tom yum, and sticky rice with mango. Tod man kung … [Read More...]


When you name your dog Pasta…

Since I knew I was going to be travelling for several weeks, I decided to send Pasta to dog school just before my trip to the US. That was back in … [Read More...]

Pasta and me


Hello! I am back! Yes, it's been quite some time since my last post (December 2012 in fact) and I haven't been blogging about my cooking or my life … [Read More...]


Slow cooker champorado

Champorado or chocolate rice porridge is one of breakfast fares that brings me back home... brings me back to my childhood of waking up in the morning … [Read More...]


Noodles and more…

So I just came back from my annual medical exam. Had fasting the night before so oy the time that the nurse finish getting my blood samples I was so … [Read More...]

pork nilaga

Nilagang baboy: Boiled pork ribs in clear broth

Back home in the Philippines, we call this dish "nilagang baboy" or simply boiled pork. But this is not merely boiled pork as there are many … [Read More...]