The pasta party is here…

I’m hosting Presto Pasta Nights this week. Please send your posts (with image, would be great) to ascientistinthekitchen AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Wonderful! I plan to participate this week! :)

  2. Hi Gay,

    I’ve just emailed you my entry – but I think there is a typo on the email address you put on above.

    Cheers! Kittie

  3. Joelen, I look forward to your post.

    Kittie, thanks for the correction :)

  4. Hi Gay,
    I want to participate… when is your deadline for this?


  5. gotta concoct some pasta in the kitchen …hmmm let me see what i can do :-)

  6. Hi dhanggit, I’ll wait for your post.

    Jescel, the deadline for PPN is every Friday. I’m hosting it this week.

  7. I cannot make it this week! :( I did not make a pasta dish :(
    If you host again, I promise to bring something over :)

  8. Good piece.


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