Secret Recipe Club: Quickie Orange Ginger Beef


It’s the -ber months, and back in the Philippines, I bet there are Christmas decorations starting to be seen in malls and stores across in the country. But I’m in the middle of Thailand so I’ll have to content myself by humming Christmas songs. So I hum of Christmas songs as I work in the field looking at rows and rows of maize. That is, when I can. It’s been raining on and off, on and off all the day. This is a busy time of the year for us and I usually bring my lunch to the office.  So it’s got to be quick to prepare and filling to satisfy my hunger.

This month for the Secret Recipe Club, I was assigned to Jane’s Adventures in Dinner – mom, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, reader, cook, enthusiastic environmentalist, recovering overspender (sounds familiar!), proud Canadian… The “quickie” in her Quickie Orange Ginger Beef grabbed my attention so I selected this recipe to feature. Or maybe the turkey sausage chilli? Hmm, the lime and coconut cake sounds to die for! I’d love to try one of her burgers. Browsing through her, and looking at my pantry, I finally settled on her orange ginger beef which I paired with a salad greens and packed for lunch.

Quickie Orange Ginger Beef

 1. Marinate the sirloin steak in the rest of the ingredients overnight.

2. Before cooking, remove steak from marinade (reserve marinade), pat dry with paper towels and pan fry initially in high heat for a minute, then lower the heat for two minutes. Turn side, and do the same thing.

3. Let steak rest after cooking, about 5 minutes and slice thinly before serving.

4. To the reserved marinade, heat on a pan to simmer. Strain the sauce and put back in the pan again. Simmer until the marinade has glazed. Serve the steak with salad greens and the glazed marinade on the side.


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