Philippine Blog Awards 2009 – Yey, I’m a finalist!

This seems like a delayed reaction to the news that A Scientist in the Kitchen is finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards (Food and Beverage Category). All I can is wow!

This is really a welcome news, getting a text message from Sheng that this blog made it to the finals, while I am in the middle of the corn field evaluating hundreds of corn. It is a welcome respite from the heat and sweat, which is part and parcel of a plant breeder’s work.

While I may not have been regularly posting here, I still do cook a lot. From tomato sauce from scratch to scallops soup, there are a lot in store in the coming days.

For the meantime, check out the finalists in the various categories of the Philippine Blog Awards.

Thank you everyone!


  1. says

    You’re doing great. Congrats!

    I’m not yet into this kind of awards but maybe someday I hope I’ll be able to experienced same way like you did.

  2. says

    I’ve sent you my congratulations already, but let me just write it down here for posterity :)

    Congratulations, dear! We are all so proud of you!

  3. says

    Thanks! Thanks!

    Lalaine, congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. Hope I win your contest! hehehe

    Heids – Thanks, till next lunch at home.

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