Sinigang na baboy na may langka (Pork sinigang with unripe jackfruit)


This was lunch, in my earlier days working among the cornfields. We had this huge kaldero to boil liempo till tender, added the chilis and unripe  jackfruit (fresh from the tree right beside the hut), and sinigang mix.

This was my first time to try unripe jackfruit in any other dish other than ginataang langka. The jackfruit had a meaty texture, much like the liempo but less of the fat of course.

I knew I just had to cook this at home!


  1. Ira says

    Hi! Gay! I love your work of science in the kitchen…hehehe.. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I happened to click on it when I went surfing for an idea regarding the Pastil.. and yours is quite informative. It made me subscribe to you.. Anyway, siningang is also my fave… I usually crave for the Ilonggo way of cooking.. i happen to experience eating such when I went to Marbel… they call it as La-oya (don’t know if it’s the exact term)..but it was really heaven.. with the langka and the pork belly.. God the wiggly fatty part…hehehe.. Thanks for being a foodie..

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