GenSan Eats #7. Pastil or patil at Plaza Heneral Santos


I’ve heard of patil before from my colleagues, knowing that this was originally sold by Muslim vendors in Kabacan, Cotabato. I’ve been hankering for this treat ever since especially since one of my colleagues says that he can finish seven patils in one eating! So it was quite a surprise to find that there is a vendor on the sidewalk of Plaza Heneral Santos (in front of Jollibee) that sells patil or pastil! A happy surprise really, since this is were I usually wait for a jeepney going home, and I really haven’t noticed them selling it until last week!!!

It’s not only pastil that you’d find here though as there are different kinds of street food you can find – isaw, green mangoes, siopao…

What is pastil or patil? It’s a rice and viand pair wrapped in banana leaves. It is usually chicken or tuna cooked adobo-style, chopped finely and topped on steamed rice. I chose chicken that time. It’s not that much, so one pack is probably not enough. It costs only 10 pesos, though, so now wonder my friend had seven patils in one eating!


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