Inihaw na liempo and dill

There is variety of mango called paho which has a pungent aroma. The fruit is usually around 1-2 inches long, sold green in the market and is great with salsa. We typically eat paho by combining it with sliced tomatoes, a pinch of salt and chopped paho. There is short window for the season of paho so I really watch out for this fruit in March.

We’ve found an alternative to paho minus the aroma. A few weeks ago, one of those Sunday picnics in the garden that we love to do, I cooked inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly). Chopped them up into bite size pieces then served with tomatoes, onions, soy sauce, chopped Thai chilis and calamansi juice. As an afterthought, I added fresly chopped dill to the mixture. The dill was just begging to be picked up near our grill area. My sister and I were wondering why the dill tastes familiar till it dawned on us that it tastes like paho! So now another alternative herbs for uncommonly available ones we love to use (try pak-chee instead of cilantro). We usually serve inihaw na liempo with a dipping sauce (soy sauce, chilis, calamansi juice). But here we make a sauce of soy sauce, choppped tomatoes, chopped onions, dill and chilis. Of course with calamansi juice. Just combine everything and serve with lots of rice.

This post is submitted to Grow your Own hosted this round by Rachel of The Crispy Cook. Here’s the round-up of the Grow Your Own I hosted several weeks ago.



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