My power breakfast: greens and red beans smoothie


I’ve always been a breakfast person and I don’t mind waking up early in the morning just to cook me some good breakfast. And when I say a good breakfast, I mean the works – eggs, bacon/sausages (sometimes homemade sausages), fried rice (typical Filipino breakfast), and brewed coffee. For the past year though, I have stopped eating processed food so it’s good bye bacon for me (most of the time, anyway). But the last few months, breakfast has always been a rush so I can enjoy a full breakfast only on weekends. To start my day right however, I’ve started having green smoothies for breakfast. I have fun deciding what type of salad greens to use each week. In my favorite grocery, there is a salad bar with a good selection of salad greens and different beans.

To prepare:

In a blender, pour soya milk, several ice cubes and the rest of the ingredients. Blitz a few seconds at a time until all ingredients have been blended smoothly. Pour on glasses and enjoy the goodness!


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