Making fritatas is much like cooking fried rice for me. It is also one way that I can add vegetables to my diet. They are also very versatile, you could use any combination of filling and can pair it with rice or bread. They are also quick and easy to cook so a real time saver when I’m running late. Or just when I need a quick fix after a lot of housekeeping work. Housekeeping’s too tiring, I would need a disability insurance!

The ingredients are pretty much the same as my fried rice although I skip the ginger, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Just saute garlic and onion (if I have onions), add the meat (ground pork, thinly sliced chicken or chorizos), then thinly sliced vegetables. Stir fry for a few minutes till vegetables are limp and almost done. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from pan and cool slightly. Add 2-3 eggs (depends on the amount of vegetables) and mix thoroughly. Heat a non-stick pan and coat with oil. Pour the egg mixture and cook over low fire till eggs are set. Turn over carefully to cook the reverse side (I usually slide the fritata on plate, cover it with another plate then invert the plate, and finally sliding the fritata back into the pan) till browned.



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