Stuffed tilapia steamed in banana leaves


Tomatoes, onions and ginger are staples in the Filipino kitchen. For this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging (hosted this week by Rinku of Cooking in Westchester), I’m using these three ingredients to create succulent steamed tilapia steamed in banana leaves.

This is my favorite way to prepare fish. It’s actually more of broiling-steaming method as you wrap the fish with banana leaves then broil it. As the banana leaves burn, the fish is steamed such that the fish is done when the banana leaves have burned.

Prepare the stuffing. I usually use a combination of ginger, tomatoes, onions and salt.



Stuff the fish with a mixtue of ginger, tomatoes, onions and salt.



Wrap the the fish with 2-3 layers of banana leaves. Grill. Grill each side till first two layers of banana leaves are burnt.



Carefully peel away the banana leaves.



Here’s your tilapia steamed in banana leaves. Note that the skin is not burnt. The stuffing are also well cooked. To enhance the taste, I usually make a dipping sauce of fresh chili and fish sauce. This dish goes well with kamote tops salad.



So far, I use the same stuffing for other kinds of fish. Next time, I will use cilantro for stuffing like Jaden did.



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    The sounds easy, but oh so good. I don’t often combine ginger and tomatoes, but this sure make me want to do it soon. (And being able to harvest your own peppercorns sounds pretty good to me!)

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    Your blog is looking great! I love seeing how a whole fish is cooked this way. I bet it is delicious with the stuffing and the freshness of the fish!

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