When you hear of the term wild crafted, you may think that it is the same as pure. However, there lies a great difference between pure oils and organic/ wild crafted essential oils. Wild crafted essential oils are produced from plants that have been cultivated in the wild or grown under certain criteria, the key criteria being that no pesticides have been used in the cultivation. As such, wild crafted essential oils are chemical free and are thus the best for use for health purposes.

What benefits can you derive from wild essential oils?

Aside from the fact that you can be assured of their harmlessness to you, your family and your pets, these oils boast of their ability to aid in all sorts of health problems.


Did you know that the fastest way to get a message to your brain is through your nose? Inhalation of wild essential oils has been known to create a calming effect of the user. Can you think of those days when you feel overwhelmed and you need a pick me up? It has been scientifically proven that a few whiffs of wild essential oils can get you feeling better. The next time that you are stuck in traffic or you are just having a hard time, take a few seconds to breathe in some wild crafted essential oil and you will feel much better. One such oil is wild crafted lavender oil.

Reducing congestion

If you have trouble breathing, certain wild crafted essential oils can be used to clear up your airways. You can do this by putting a few drops of decongestant oil such as eucalyptus on a damp warm washcloth and breathing in. The warmth enables the oil to diffuse into the air faster and get into your respiratory system easier. Another type of oil that one can use for this is oregano.


Sometimes, rooms get stuffy and opening the windows and doors does not get rid of the stuffiness right away. You can make the room smell fresh by using a few wild crafted oils in the room. An example of a purifying mix is one drop of tea tree oil mixed with ten drops of lemon oil. This mixture put in a stuffy room is bound to get rid of all the stuffiness as the oils diffuse into the air.

Compresses for aches

Are you looking for a natural solution to your aches? How about using a hot or cold compress made using wild crafted essential oils? Two drops of orange mixed with a drop of frankincense and an ounce of jojoba oil should do the trick and you should be feeling better in no time.

So many More Possibilities with Wild Crafter Essential Oils

Aching to know what more you can do with these amazing wild crafted essential oils? You can use them to ease headaches, reduce mental fatigue, scent hair and laundry, scent shampoos and body washes, detoxify the body, create a facial mask and get rid of stubborn foot issues. Care should be taken when using these oils in the presence of babies and pregnant women as some of them may have very strong fragrances that can cause effects such as nausea and headaches. Given that wild crafted essential oils are completely pure, they hold no other negative effects and can be used for almost everything. Their use is limitless and is open to your imagination so have fun trying out new things.

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